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Gryff the school dog – Dlog 2

Woof, Gryff here!

Welcome to my Dog Log, or Dlog. This is post 2.

Wowzers, what a first half term I’ve had! Not only have I settled in nicely – and stopped chastising the guinea pigs – I’ve also been attending more lessons (and been off my lead a lot more).

OK – when I signed up to be a school dog, I never actually expected to have to attend lessons and look interested! As you can see, I’ve been working hard and even improved my touch-paw typing skills.

As all of the students know though, my favourite time at school is when I’m ‘busy’ getting fussed and cuddled. I really love it when students see my around school and come over for a chat and hug – I never get sick of hugs and tummy tickles. It makes me happy and it also seems to help the lovely students too (especially when they might be angry or anxious).

Well, I’d better go now – I know it’s not a school night but we all still need to get plenty of sleep to stay healthy and happy. Oh, and if any students are feeling a bit mixed up by the change of routine a ‘forced holiday’ brings, rest assured: dogs are creatures of habit too (so I feel a little disorientated too).

Anyway, not many more sleeps until we’re back at school.

Be good, be happy, and when we’re back at school, if you’re ever not feeling great, come and see me and I’ll cheer you up.

Woof for now!

Derrymount School