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Gryff’s Paws for Thought – Dlog update 1

Hi, Gryff here!

Welcome to my Dog Log, or Dlog.

I’m new to Derrymount School; I was recently re-homed from Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre in South Lincolnshire. They looked after me really well until they found me a new home to go to.

What’s great about my new life is that I get to go to work everyday! That’s right; I’m training to be a therapy dog – which to me means I get to play with and get stroked by the lovely students that want to spend time with me.

I’ve settled in really well at Derrymount – everyone has been really friendly with me – and apparently I’m a Grade A student so I’ve progressed well from meeting a few students at a time to being taken into all classes every day to see how everyone is – I’ve even been out for a few walks with the students in the Adventure School option. One student (and teacher) even took me into Nottingham on the bus – that was great fun cos I got to meet loads of pigeons.

One thing I have done a lot of though is sleep – it’s great cos I can just fall asleep in class whenever I want to and when someone wants to stroke me or play with me, they just call me over.

Anyway, all this talk of sleep is making me feel sleepy right now, so I’ll sign off.

Be good, be happy, and if you’re ever not feeling great, come and see me and I’ll cheer you up.


Derrymount School