Who’s Who

Head Teacher: Cathy Clay

Chair of Governors: Warren Carratt


Class based staff

Head: C Clay

Assistant Head: L Carter

Assistant Head: S Burman

Support staff

E Lissett: Admin Assistant

S Richards: Admin Assistant

D Armstrong: Admin Assistant

L Turner: Exams Officer

M Scholes: IT

T Croll: Midday Supervisor

M Morgan: Office Manager

R Waite: Site Assistant

C Peck: Site Manager


M Burford

G Curtis

M Chaggar

J Clarke

D Fisher

R Hopewell

K Hallam

T Meek

C Muskett

L Miles

R Nuttall

L Paterson

L Williams

Teaching Assistants

R Ashford

C Bastow

C Chilton

T Findlay

L Gardner

L Holder

D Hopps

R Hayes

S King

J Lewis

S Moulton

J Needham

E Needham

A Rayson

N Robinson

K Rowland

L Richardson

L Sharp

H Staton

M Suwali

K Singh-Taak

A Tuckwood

J Turner

S Weatherbed

T Wilson

J Woulds

A Woltman

Send any queries to the admin team at office@derrymount.notts.sch.uk or by phone at 0115 9534015.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Cathy Clay, Head Teacher

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Shirley Burman, Assistant Head Teacher

The Designated person for Looked After Children is Lee Carter, with Laura Williams (Lower School) and Luke Paterson (Upper School)

Please phone or email the office to contact them.

Derrymount School