Virtually Derrymount

You are in a house all alone, exits are forbidden, you see a light, it’s the internet, bringing you Virtually Derrymount at near the speed of light!

What is ‘Virtually Derrymount’?

OK, so you are stuck at home, missing school and all the wonderful staff, right? We thought so! And we miss you too.

In an effort to help us all to feel connected in this difficult time, we are going to try and bring a taste of DMS into your homes.

There are things we’d like you to get involved with, so watch each episode, join in and if you every have any ides or suggestions, do let us know using:

Safe home. Stay safe. Say happy.

Current Episode

Episode 10 – Endgame (finale)

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with creating the content for the Virtually Derrymount Episodes. It’s been fun making them, hope it’s been fun watching them.

Episodes in chronological order:

Episode 1 – in the ‘studio’

NB. The email address in the video has an error… please use


Episode 2 – we’re not ‘virtually’ locked down – the show must go on

Episode 3 – Last episode of this week

Download the Larva Lamp activity resources here.


Activity Sheet

Episode 4 – How are we all coping?

Episode 5 – Keep on keeping on

Episode 6 – Ave it!

Episode 7 – Subliminal

Episode 8 – Pieces of eight

Episode 9 – Keeping Sane


In Episode 9 there is an error when it explains how to access your school email. Please use the following convention:

first name then first letter of surname then

e.g. if your name is Roger Dodger, it would be:

Derrymount School