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Group A Strep and Scarlett Fever

You will be aware of the coverage in the media concerning Group A streptococcus infections, also known as Group A strep, strep A or GAS.

Group A strep is a common bacteria, which many of us carry in our throats and on our skin.  It doesn’t always result in illness, but it can cause infections, some mild and some more serious.

More serious infections are caused by the bacteria getting into parts of the body where it’s not usually found, like the lungs or bloodstream.  These are usually linked to invasive group A strep also known as iGAS.

iGAS infections are still uncommon, but there has been a slight increase in cases this year nationally, particularly in children under 10, and sadly a small number of deaths.  This is understandably very worrying for parents, schools and early years providers.

The increase in cases is being investigated, but is not thought to be because of a new strain of bacteria.  It is more likely to be as a result of a number of factors including more social mixing and increases in other respiratory illnesses.

The key messages for parents document attached details the importance of good hand and respiratory hygiene and these will reduce the risk of children picking up or spreading infections and should be encouraged in all settings.

Group A Strep Key Messages To Parents

EYA Strep A

EYA Scarlet Fever

Churchmoor site closed 2022-01-04

Dear Parents / Carers 

As you are aware we have all been eagerly looking forward to the completion of our two new classrooms on our Sherbrook Site. Unfortunately, the contractors have been running behind the original expected date of completion. I am pleased to say that it has at last been confirmed that we can access the building and get the classrooms ready for use, but not until after the 19th December.  

The pupils in the U1 and U2 classes will be able to see their new rooms before they break up and when they come back into school on Wednesday 4th January, they will be at the Sherbrook Site. If your son /daughter usually uses LA transport, they will be dropped off and collected from the Sherbrook Site.  

Due to the new classrooms not being completed earlier in the term we now require an extra closure day for the Churchmoor Site on 4th January to enable us to set up the classrooms to be ready for the extra pupils coming in.  We are relocating the current Primary classrooms, KS3 rooms as well as setting up our Sensory room, Individual areas and library again. We had hoped to do this when U1 and U2 moved to the Sherbrook Road site as we would have had spare rooms available and could have done the work gradually.  This has not been possible, and we cannot do all the necessary work safely with the children onsite. The children on the Churchmoor Site will now return on Thursday 5th January. We would have preferred not to have to close the site and apologise that we haven’t been able to let you know earlier but circumstances beyond our control have made it necessary. We will of course provide work for the pupils to complete at home.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.  


Cathy Clay 


Some Year 8 and 9 students recently visited Clip n Climb in Derby and then enjoyed a pub lunch, practising their independent living and social skills that they have been developing in PSHE lessons.  Students raced to the top of the climbing walls and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  We were very impressed by their levels of resilience and determination when faced with the challenges of the climbing walls, and also very proud of how they conducted themselves in the pub, ordering their own meals and using impeccable manners.  Well done!

Bird Boxes

Students in M4 and M5 have recently completed a project to make a bird box during their D&T lessons.  They took great care with their measuring and cutting of the wood, demonstrating excellent teamwork skills, and helped each other to ensure their completed bird boxes were as accurately made as possible.  As you can see, they had a great time and have produced some brilliant bird boxes.  They were very enthusiastic about the cleaning up too!  Well done M4 and M5!

Derrymount School