Pupil Premium



This relates to 41 pupils. The funds are used in various ways to support pupils progress academically as well as their social and emotional development and wellbeing.

Engagement and achievement is supported through:

  • Additional staffing resulting in small class sizes and high staff pupil ratios
  • Structured sports club and high staff ratios at lunchtimes.
  • Individual programmes and transport
  • Individual and group sensory resources and programmes
  • Music tuition
  • IT resources such as Dell tablet and laptop.
  • Train and bus fares
  • Outside provision
  • Pets in school
  • Training (Autism, Elkan and Theraplay).


  • Increase in percentage of pupils accessing GCSE exams.
  • Increase in pupils accessing lunchtime groups and break time activities with peers.
  • Increase in number of Y11 and Post 16 pupils using public transport independently to school and college.
  • Sensory and Theraplay sessions have supported pupils to develop self – regulating strategies to keep themselves calm and manage their feelings.
  • Access to after school activities including transport home.
  • High rates of success in anxious pupils accessing their education within a school setting.

Planned 2015 Intervention

Planned 2016 Intervention

Derrymount School