Pupil Premium

2018 / 2019 Pupil Premium – How it is used and impact

Pupil premium is the additional funding which is given to schools so that they can close the attainment gap which exists between eligible pupils and their peers. In the financial year 2018 / 2019 we have 46 pupils who receive pupil premium which represents over half of the school. This year we received £50,963.

Allocation Amount
Notts CC confirmed £36,520
Service Child £600
LAC £5,483 to date
Additional LAC funds expected £8,317

Expenditure to date:

Item Amount Planned Impact
Additional staffing English intervention £30,167 Increase in literacy age related expectations
Support worker for pupil £7,322 Engagement and transition to college course. (PFA)
Breakfast provisions £500 Pupils ready to learn

Greater levels of concentration and reduction in behaviour incidents.

Pet supplies £1,000 Pupils develop responsibility in caring for something

Therapeutic value reduction in anxiety/ stress

Music tuition £1,666 Improvement in self esteem

Learning a new skill

Individual DT sessions £100 Independence and working towards college course (PFA)
Individual Gym sessions £50 Re-engaging individual pupil

Increase in fitness levels.

Sensory equipment £1,250 Reduction of stress and anxiety.

Self regulation of behaviour / sensory overload

Reduction in behaviour incidents

Increase in wellbeing / emotional health and wellbeing.

Developing resilience

Additional Laptops £8,908 Teaching pupils responsibility for their own equipment

Greater engagement in lessons particularly written tasks.

Balance £50,963


Year 7 Catch Up 2018/2019

We have received £7000 Y7 Catch Up money this year.

Subject Cost   Intended impact
Maths £200 Purchase of equipment – clocks and calculators. Enhanced understanding of time through a practical / visual way which is beneficial for our pupils’ learning styles.

Increased engagement with Maths and developing confidence and independence.

Helps pupils to become more familiar with using scientific calculators particularly for those who may later take GCSEs.

Maths £300 Purchase of Maths Games Increased enjoyment and engagement with Maths.

Use of counting, problem solving skills in a more open ended way.

Helps the pupils to generalise the mathematical skills they have learnt to different situations which is very important for our pupils who have ASD.

Maths £200 Purchase of My Maths Increased engagement, enjoyment.
Increased confidence to try different / more challenging tasks.
Maths £2700 Staffing  1:1 tuition

Small groups

Increased support in Maths either 1:1 or in a small group improves their understanding of and progress in their subject.
Maths £200 Purchase of Maths No Problem Will help to build their confidence and understanding in the subject.

Progress in their basic Maths skills.

English £300 Purchase of First News The newspaper encourages reading for  those not enthusiastic about reading books.

Encourages reading in different situations helping them to use their literacy in a functional way; applying  and generalising the skills  they have learnt.

English £300 Purchase of No Nonsense Spelling Scheme Improvement in spelling and phonics.

Increase in confidence to try more challenging tasks.

English £2900 Staffing 1:1 tuition

Small groups

Increased support in reading, writing and spelling either 1:1 or in a small group improves understanding and progress in their subject.


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