British Values

In September 2014 the Ofsted Inspection Framework and Handbook were revised and significantly new emphasis was placed on the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of the curriculum which has been described by the politicians as a need to actively promote “British Values”. Born out of recognition that the UK is far from a cohesive society in which people from different backgrounds get along, the British Values agenda attempts to translate previous legislation into real, meaningful practice which results in positive outcomes for young people.

These have were defined by government in 2011 Prevent Strategy as:

  • tolerance
  • mutual respect between those of different faiths and beliefs
  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty

The expectation is that from early years right through to post-16, schools will be actively preparing pupils for life in modern Britain.

In meeting our duty to promote “British Values” we are  focussing on: developing tolerance and respect and understanding of those who are different from us.

This is a key area for all of our students who by definition of their diagnosis can find it very difficult to tolerate others and to understand that their own points of view are not the only point of view. We work on developing this and all aspects of “British Values” through both targeted and more generic aspects of the curriculum. Students are supported to challenge their own preconceptions and those of others and to set high expectations for themselves.

In supporting “British Values” staff are expected to set positive examples for the students and address negative comments or actions promptly, supporting students to support each other and report any unpleasantness to staff or parents so that we can work positively to reduce negative behaviours and increase tolerance of differences including: gender, age, intellectual ability, disability, sexuality, race, religious belief, physical size or physical features.

In addition we actively seek ways to ensure that all of our students are supported to achieve the best they can and are able to put back into society something of value through either voluntary work, employment or continuing their own personal skills development. We actively work with students and their families to identify pathways to learning and success for adult life including; understanding and respecting rules, laws and restrictions that we are all required to adhere to for the benefit on our society as a whole.

Derrymount School