PE and Sports Premium

2020 / 2021 PE and Sports Grant – How it is used and impact.

Our allocation has been confirmed as £14,000

Planned expenditure Amount Impact
Sports Clubs £5,320 Provision of sports clubs at lunchtime have helped pupils to:
Engage in a wider variety of sports / games. Supported their social development in terms of being able to play with others and developed their team building skills.
Increased tolerance of disappointment when their team doesn’t win.
Increased self esteem.
Increased fitness levels.
Reduction in incidents at break times.
Sports Equipment £2,000 A range of good quality equipment including footballs, basketballs, badminton and tennis sets have meant there is a wider range of activities available. This has resulted in increased numbers of pupils engaged in physical activities.
Ice Skating £116 Engagement in a sport that some may not have access to (cultural capital).
Engagement in a sport that is not based on teams / competition encourages those who prefer individual sports.
Horse Riding £560 Engagement in a sport that some may not have access to (cultural capital).
Some pupils have continued their riding at weekends with their families.
Increase in self esteem and confidence.
Some pupils have found riding therapeutic and calming.
Helped pupils develop a sense of responsibility and discipline near animals.
Tennis   Not able to access tennis at the moment due to Covid restrictions.
Contribution to diesel and parking. £50 Necessary to access some of the activities.
Balance £5,954 To be spent on activities such as tennis, golf and other outdoor based activities when Covid restrictions are eased.
Derrymount School