PE and Sports Premium

2018 / 2019 PE and Sports Grant – How it is used and impact.

Our allocation has been confirmed as £14,000
We had an overspend from last year of £864 which allowed us to purchase a trampoline for our lower school site. This has left us with a balance of

Planned expenditure Planned impact Amount
Sports club Greater levels of fitness levels
Engagement and enjoyment in different sports
Improvement in social development e.g. team skills.
Reduction in incidents at lunchtime
Sports equipment Wider range of activities offered to engage pupils and improve fitness levels £500.00
Tennis tuition Greater enjoyment and engagement
Improvement in physical skills and PE age related expectations
Ice Skating Greater enjoyment and engagement
Improvement in physical skills
£1200.00 (estimate)
Possible refurbishment of playground Will allow increased use of space available for sports such as basketball and football.
Improvement in team games.
£7000.00 (estimate)


Will leave us with an overspend of £644.90 approx

Swimming at Derrymount School

At Derrymount School we have weekly swimming lessons for pupils at our Churchmoor site at the Leisure Centre in Calverton.
The lessons rotate around the classes every half term so all pupils have access to swimming.

Swimming lessons are also available to all pupils on our Sherbrook Site at Calverton Leisure Centre though not all choose to access them.

Some of our pupils participate in a swimming gala involving different special schools at Hucknall Leisure Centre once a year.

Y6 cohort 2018 – 2019

4 out of our 6 Year 6 pupils are able to swim 25 metres proficiently using a range of strokes.

None of our Year 6 pupils are able to perform safe self rescue in different water situations although 1 is able to perform self rescue in the swimming pool.

Derrymount School