Therapy Pets

Therapy Pets at Sherbrook

There are currently four pets at the Sherbrook (Upper School) site:

Guinea Pigs

Three guinea pigs live at school during the week, and are taken home at weekends.


Trevor is our school guinea pig; his breed is a short haired guinea pig.

The reason it’s good to have Treavor in school is because it helps people with their anxieties, by letting them stroke him.

It’s also good for the students to have contact with Trevor because he helps them learn responsibility e.g. taking care of animals.

By Oliver.

Our School Dog

In our School we have a school dog

Named Gryff, he is a rescue dog in training to help our school for stress relief.

He is a Tibetan Terrier; these breed of dogs normally have thick and fluffy hair and are dogs that need lots of exercise because they are high energy breeds of dogs.

Dogs are good pets. They are friendly; you can give them a stroke and they have fun.
By Bobby

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